Speakers &
9th International Symposium On Photochromism
Paris, September 23rd-27th, 2019

Keynote Lectures


Pr. Chiara Bertarelli
Politecnico di Milano, Italy

Rule material properties through photochromism: towards optical elements and concept devices


Pr. Masahiro Irie
Rikkyo University, Japan

Diarylethene molecular photoswitches: recent progress and future prospects


Pr. Ehud Isacoff
University of California Berkeley, USA

Light-gated synaptic receptors


Pr. He Tian
East China University of Science and Technology (ECUST Shanghai), China

Photoswitching along with dynamic molecular assembling


Invited Speakers


Pr. Tsuyoshi Asahi
Ehime University, Japan

Photochromism of diaryethene nanoparticles under cw-light and nanosecond pulse laser excitation


Dr. David Bléger
Evonik Creavis GmbH, Germany

Visible-light-activated polymer networks


Dr. Martial Boggio-Pasqua
Paul Sabatier University, France

Towards rationalization and design of improved dihydropyrene photochromism: interplay between theory and experiment


Pr. Olga Fedorova
Russian Academy of Sciences, Russia

A multi-state molecular switch based on hetarylphenylethene derivatives


Pr. Cristina Flors
IMDEA Nanoscience Madrid, Spain

Switchable and selective photodynamic damage of amyloid aggregates: a nanoscale view


Pr. Silvia Giordani
Dublin City University, Ireland

From molecular switches to functional nanomaterials


Pr. Gerrit Groenhof
University of Jyväskylä, Finland

Manipulating molecular photo-chromism with confined light


Dr. Thomas Grutter
Strasbourg University, France

Optical control of ATP-gated P2X receptors


Pr. Hiroshi Miyasaka
Osaka University, Japan

Photosynergetic responses of cycloreversion reaction in 6 π electron systems


Dr. Takuya Nakashima
Nara Institute of Science and Technology (NAIST), Japan

Control of chiral geometry in bifluorophoric systems with light


Dr. Pierre Paoletti
École Normale Supérieure Paris, France

Illuminating glutamate receptor structure and function using optogenetic pharmacology


Pr. Guy Royal
Grenoble Alpes University, France

Storage and Production of Singlet Oxygen using Photochromic Dimethyldihydropyrene Derivatives


Pr. Karola Rück-Braun
Technische Universität Berlin, Germany

Light-controlled interactions of BODIPY-DAE conjugates in solution and linked to the surface of titanium dioxide


Dr. Wiktor Szymanski
University of Groningen, The Netherlands

Photopharmacology and imaging: towards a theranostic approach


Pr. Yanlei Yu
Fudan University, China

Photodeformable liquid crystal polymers and bioinspired soft actuators



International Advisory Board

Takuzo AIDA (University of Tokyo)
Sergey ALDOSHIN (Russian Academy of Science)
Neil BRANDA (Simon Fraser University)
Alberto CREDI (University of Bologna)
Olga FEDOROVA (Russian Academy of Science)
Ben FERINGA (University of Groningen)
Norbert HAMPP (Philipps University)
Stefan HECHT (Humboldt University )
Mark HERON (University of Huddersfield)
Denis JACQUEMIN (University of Nantes)
Tsuyoshi KAWAI (NAIST)
Rafal KLAJN (Weizmann Institute of Science)
Anil KUMAR (PPG Industries)
Alexander Dequan LI (Washington State Univ.)
Keitaro NAKATANI (ENS Paris-Saclay)
Fausto ORTICA (University of Perugia)
Jean-Luc POZZO (University of Bordeaux)
Françisco RAYMO (University of Miami)
Kingo UCHIDA (Ryukoku University)
Itamar WILLNER (Hebrew University)
Vivian W.W. YAM (University of Hong Kong)
Yasushi YOKOYAMA (Yokohama National University)

National Scientific Committee

Nicolas Bogliotti (ENS Paris-Saclay, CNRS, Université Paris-Saclay)
Pierre-Jean Corringer (Institut Pasteur)
Christophe Coudret (Université Paul Sabatier)
Eléna Ishow (Université de Nantes)
Guillaume Laurent (ENS Paris-Saclay)
Stéphane Maisonneuve (ENS Paris-Saclay)
François Maurel (Université Paris Diderot)
Rémi Métivier (ENS Paris-Saclay)
Keitaro Nakatani (ENS Paris-Saclay)
Stéphane Rigaut (Université de Rennes 1)
Michel Sliwa (Université de Lille)
Joanne Xie (ENS Paris-Saclay)
Pei Yu (Université Paris-Sud)

Local committee

Nicolas Bogliotti (ENS Paris-Saclay, CNRS, Université Paris-Saclay)
Pierre-Jean Corringer (Institut Pasteur)
Guillaume Laurent (ENS Paris-Saclay)
Stéphane Maisonneuve (ENS Paris-Saclay)
Rémi Métivier (ENS Paris-Saclay)
Keitaro Nakatani (ENS Paris-Saclay)
Joanne Xie (ENS Paris-Saclay)


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